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To enrich our community by nurturing a lifelong passion and appreciation for live arts through education and performance opportunities.

We do this through; involving, cultivating, nurturing and enhancing each individual. 

High School Musical
Percy Jackson and the Olympians


To be a home where everyone is seen, heard, and valued through theater and live arts. 


Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Metropolitan Performing Arts is, and has always been, here to serve our community. We believe in the transformational power of theater and arts to inspire social change. We embrace equity, diversity and inclusion in our organization and value everyone’s life experiences. We celebrate unique perspectives and contributions in hope that all people, regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual identity, culture, age, gender expression, background, ability, economic status, education, credentials, and experience are engaged in our programming.

We value creating a space where all people feel complete, heard, respected, understood, valued, and connected. We strive to create an environment that feels like home to our students, volunteers, artists, and our audience. Creating a genuinely inclusive environment where diverse voices are present and active in all aspects of our organization, we believe, enhances our effectiveness, and makes all our lives richer, stronger, and more innovative. We strive to be an organization that values and celebrates everyone’s life experiences, their voices, and their histories.

Prejudice and privilege have created barriers that we must dismantle, systematically and strategically, until everyone in our community has equitable access to arts and culture. We continue to be a diverse group of artists and volunteers united by a passionate belief in the value of the performing arts. 


We are proud to provide our personal and professional best, putting forth an exceptional educational and performance experience.

Nurturing Environment

Educating, Empowering, and inspiring artists of all abilities to develop their finest work in an atmosphere of mutual respect.  


In 2009, local educators noticed a lack of education of the performing arts within the Vancouver School District. With the help of Nancy and Rob Duncan, Metropolitan Performing Arts was established as a 501(c)(3) in the fall of 2009. What started as a traveling group that performed at places such as Zoo Lights, Jantzen Beach Mall and community Nursing Homes has now transformed into a black box theater performance venue, community theater and academy with year round training and performance opportunities. MPA staged it's first musical "Bye Bye Birdie" in April 2010 at Fort Vancouver High School. Since then, MPA has produced over 50 productions within the greater Vancouver/Portland area including The Brunish Theater, WA State School for the Blind, VSAA, Triangle! Productions and Camas High school. In 2016, Barbara Richardson was hired on as Executive Director. In 2019 MPA moved from the Schell studio to Mill Plain Blvd. In 2022 Barbara stepped down as Executive Director and Kristin Heller was hired as the Artistic and Education Director, along with two part time employees. 


America has endured much civil unrest in recent years, and an increase in hate crimes. At MPA, we value diversity and nurture individuality, upholding our promise to be an all-inclusive organization. We are committed to doing our part to listen to your needs and to be the face of change in our community. We work toward changing negative self-imagery by providing a safe, creative environment, free of judgment, in which our students flourish and grow in positive ways. We believe that all children should see themselves on our stage and celebrate the uniqueness and diversity of all. 

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